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2011-02-19 17:58:15 by Chrizzly

Hello there people!
I'm not at all active here on NG anymore, if anyone hasn't noticed. And as you've also probably noticed I'm not recording any loops and such stuff anymore either.
BUT, to anyone interested what I'm working with musically at the moment is my solo project Circlevicious, brand new style of music compared to these old tracks here, but still got some influence of the old stuff I've made. It's a progressive metal project with inspiration from all kinds of music.
I released my first Circlevicious album in July 2010 and the second album is in writing-process at the moment so it will probably be released sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2011, I'm guessing April-May, but I don't know yet.
But you can check it out at: us sic

P.S: Thanks to everyone here at NG, and yeah you people who wants to use the Chrizzly music for flash and stuff, be my guest. I'm just glad there's a use of it.

Cheers, mates!


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